Space Escape

An astroid is about to crash into our planet! Armageddon, the end of days. Our last hope: You use a hyperspeed space ship to fly to the dangerous object and blow it into pieces. But how do all the switches and controls work? You have one hour to blow up the astroid. 3, 2, 1 – Ready for take-off!

Europa-Center, Tauentzienstr. 9-12, 10789 Berlin


Doom is getting closer and closer. In one hour the astroid will be too close to our planet – the collision inevitable. For the first time in history, a species has the technology to prevent its extinction – if you know how to use it. You are the crew of this high-tech vessel. But out there you will be on your own, with only the talking computer to help. Get the engines running, overcome the dangers of outer space and blow up the astroid. The dreams of an entire planet today are focused on your brave souls, traveling into the heavens. May we all – citizens the world over – see these events through! Godspeed and good luck to you!

One hour in outer space. Feel like you’re in the middle of Star Wars, Star Trek or Apollo 13. Blinking displays, buttons, levers – take controll of the ship and prove that you are not Lost in Space. Your Room Escape Mission: Save the planet in a space ship.

  • For 2-6 players
  • Save the world from Armageddon. You have got 60 minutes left
  • Blow up the astroid before it is too late
  • Return save or die as heroes. To complete your task, team work is requested
  • The perfect challenge for advanced groups or escape game pro’s
  • Play in German or English language