You enter the room. The door closes behind you. Now you’re on your own. What’s supposed to be mysterious about this? But wait, what’s scribbled on that note you just found behind the curtain? The riddle will unlock the safe. Maybe the hook on the ceiling has got something to do with it?

  • A trend from Asia is spreading into the European capitals: Room Escape Games
  • A group of players solve a case in a mysterious room
  • The real life event for snoopers, code crackers and team players: Escape the Room Berlin!



After booking a time slot you arrive as a team and enter the mysterious room. But there’s more to this than finding the key to exit again: Solve a thrilling criminal case, save the earth, lead a revolution or wake up the genious mind of a professor. You’ve got one hour, not a second longer…

  • Hidden hints, ridiculous riddles, gimmicky gadgets – there are things to to for everybody
  • Watch, smell, hear, taste, discover, combine – versatile mind-boggling fun as a team
  • One hour thrilling entertainment in this escape game – go try something new



Who will enjoy this game? Whether you’re a group of friends, a family or colleagues: hobby detectives of all kinds will love our room – in either German or English. The difficulty range was set to accommodate different kinds of skills: the younger snoopers and elderly agents will surely be able to contribute!

  • For friends and families: Our live escape game in Berlin as a fun event or special gift
  • For tourists and guests: Berlin clever, thrilling, inside
  • For companies: A new kind of team event or recruiting highlight

Blood Lust

More and more people disappear in your neighborhood. Have they become victims of violent and bloody crimes? Is there a serial killer? As the new investigators in town, you enter the apartment of Michael von Grafenstein with bated breath. Which horrors will you have to face? And most notably – will you come out alive?

Europa Center, Tauentzienstr. 9-12, 10789 Berlin

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An incredibly important secret remains dormant in the mind of a former ingenius scientist. Eight months ago he has gone completely mad and therefore has fallen into a coma. All attempts to wake him up have failed. But there is a new experimental method: You would have to connect with his synapses in order to scan his mazy mind. The only question remaining is who will accept the task … It’s you!

Europa Center, Tauentzienstr. 9-12, 10789 Berlin

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She needs your help. The German Secret Service’s headquarters is in danger. But people think the former special agent is crazy for saying so. Only together you can prevent a catastrophe. She has five suspects on her list, but who is the target person? Immerge into the world of profilers and special agents. You have one hour to solve the case.

Europa Center, Tauentzienstr. 9-12, 10789 Berlin

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Viva la Revolución! You stormed the President’s palace. El Presidente has fled but will be back with reinforcements – in one hour. There are riots in the streets, demanding immediate reforms. Can you manage to win over the most influential people to your side, before the president returns? If not, you will be kicked out of the palace and arrested faster than you can say “Ay Caramba!”

Europa Center, Tauentzienstr. 9-12, 10789 Berlin

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An astroid is about to crash into our planet! Armageddon, the end of days. Our last hope: You use a hyperspeed space ship to fly to the dangerous object and blow it to pieces. But how do all the switches and controls work? You have one hour to blow up the astroid. 3, 2, 1 – Ready for take-off!

Europa Center, Tauentzienstr. 9-12, 10789 Berlin

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Codeword Cobold

Monsters and magical creatures are on the loose in Berlin! Our ecosystem is being destroyed!
Only you can prevent the destruction with the help of a sleepy cobold and the Paranormal Intelligence Agency of Berlin. This adventure will show you a never seen before Berlin in a race against time! Can you save us all?

Europa Center, Tauentzienstr. 9-12, 10789 Berlin

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Thanks to your positive reviews in 2016, Mission Accepted has been awarded the Certificate of Excellence from Tripadvisor. Many satisfied players have made this possible.

Amazing teamevent! We did it with our company sales team. One of the best team events we ever did. ***** see you again Mission Accepted -Michael J. via Facebook

Super exciting experience! It is perfect for an afternoon with friends or family visting Berlin! I have enjoyed the time and can’t wait for the next room to be launched! -Jen via Tripadvisor

A really fun experience! We’ve done quite a few escape rooms but this was our first in Germany. The variety of puzzles in this game was excellent and I loved the set up. The staff were super friendly, you can do the room in German or English. We only had 2 people so they slightly adjusted the game to work for us which was great. Would certainly recommend! -Hollie J. via Tripadvisor